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LCA2013 - I’m Excited

January 25th, 2011 Posted in Computing, General

At the opening of LCA2011 this week, Linux Australia President John Ferlito announced that the bidding process for LCA2013 would open earlier than usual and he encouraged people to start talking to their friends about running LCA2013.

Well, an enthusiastic crew in Canberra has been at this for some months and has an awesome bid just about ready to go. The core team features people with extensive LCA hosting experience ably assisted by some inspired new blood.

The year 2013 is rather special for Canberra too. It’s the city’s centenary, so quite apart from the awesomeness of LCA, there will be dozens of amazing things to see and do.

So we’re excited to hear that the bid process will open early and can’t wait to see some great bids. Roll on 2013!

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