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Goodbye Rachel

March 21st, 2011 Posted in General

Some years ago Rachel Funari was the partner of my friend Allan Bontjer. She went for a short holiday in Tasmania in early March and has not been seen since. Despite a massive effort from Police, SES, bushwalking clubs, divers and a search dog, no trace of Rachel has been found. The news has been full of reports of her disappearance.

Allan and Rachel first met via a Pink Floyd on-line community. Both were huge Floyd fans. They hooked up in the USA and Allan brought Rachel back to Canberra. A love of Pink Floyd was always a part of their relationship that I could identify with.

Thanks to Spoonboy I recently acquired an Internet Radio (the beers are coming soon Spoonie, I promise). This little box camps on my wireless network and exposes me to thousands of Internet radio stations. I recently discovered that the BBC has a ‘Goon Show’ channel with around the clock uninterrupted episodes of the Goon Show.

Last weekend I found a station out of Russia that streams Pink Floyd 24/7 with nothing at all but their music.

So tonight the kids and I listened to a bunch of Floyd while remembering Rachel. Goodbye Rachel.

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