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Cold Canberra morning Commute

June 29th, 2011 Posted in General

Time to break the blogging drought.

Life[tm] has interceded in my attempts to get a lot of cycling done recently. Yesterday I found that the way was clear to ride to work so I set the alarm for Early O’Clock and made ready to ride.

A typical Canberra winter’s morning greeted me with minus four degrees in still air and who-knows-what with wind chill down by the river. Two pairs of socks, shoes, shoe half covers, knicks, longs, a polyprop thermal, windstopper vest, long sleeved jersey, shell top, silk balaclava, helmet, glove liners and gloves. At 7:00am it was still dark enough that I couldn’t read the dial gauge on the track pump as I topped up the tyres.

The dyno headlights and the insanely bright tail flasher gave me some confidence of visibility and I set off.

And the ride was fine. Cold but fun. Watching the sky light up with the rising sun, watching the frost coating almost everything. Breathing the frozen air.

A highlight for me was a magpie bravely standing on the bike path in front of me and warbling. I could see the breath condensing above his/her beak. Beautiful.


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