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Canberra snow

August 10th, 2005 Posted in Bikes, General

I recall the last time this happened in 1999. Madeleine was a small baby and I carried her outside to see the covering of snow in our backyard in Kaleen.

Snow is rare in urban Canberra. Common in the nearby mountains, but rare down where all the people are.

I was in a meeting this afternoon when Jo sent me an SMS to say that snow had fallen at home in Waramanga. All I could respond with was ‘Wow.’ An hour later I was firing off an SMS to say that heavy snow was falling in Mitchell at work. It blasted in on a westerly for ten minutes then disappeared.

Of course, I had ridden to work. Colleagues offered quiet jibes about riding home or offered impractical lifts. Thanks, but I’ll ride.

This time of year I can usually leave the office in daylight, but the lights are immediately on and night is not far away. A stiff westerly met me right away and the oddly clouded sky promised weather to come.

Come it did. As Sullivans Creek met the north shore of Lake Burley Griffin, the snow and blasting wind arrived. It’s dark, cold, and hard to see through the snow with 15 watts of incandescent light doing its best. Both arms coated in snow. Wind driving the snow in at a steep angle and my head tilted to see at all.

Cold. Rather cold indeed. And dark. Did I mention the dark?

This scenario plays out with variations for bridges, small climbs, small descents and a few errant rabbits until I arrive at the back of the RSPCA. Then calm and quiet move in. No wind. No snow.

Home ten minutes later. Soaked and cold, but somehow lifted through the odd experience.


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