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Why I don’t have blog comments available

June 29th, 2007 Posted in General

Some months ago, I watched a discussion on various blogs concerning comments and spam. I had long been in the No Comments On My Blog camp, mainly because I was worried about comment spam. However, the various positive arguments, contradicting usual online arguing, eventually persuaded me to their point of view. So I took a deep breath, and posted with comments on.

Then off again. The WordPress UI balked at deleting 194,000 (okay, I ignored it for a while) comment spams. I had to dig in as admin and run a fun sql query on the database to delete all 47 meg of them.

I agree with the idea that a blog without reader feedback is either masturbation or something more personal. And for me, it’s usually the latter. I use my blog as a kind of personal notebook for things I figure out how to do and don’t trust myself to recall later. Now I just need to prod myself into using it more often.

So until I migrate my domain and set up some proper filters, feel free to email m i k e d o t c a r d e n a t g m a i l d o t c o m with your less than completely spammy comments. That goes double for anyone I have offended via their own blog comments. ;-)

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